Wildlife Disease Association

72nd Annual Conference



Respecting Country
Respecting each other
Respecting other ways of knowing



Listening to Country
Listening to First Nations
Listening through storytelling and the arts



Reflecting on Country
Reflecting on who we are and our systems
Reflecting on other ways of being

The Wildlife Disease Association is journeying towards a radically different and transformational international conference on 1st to 6th of December 2024. 

This one event will be held two ways: 

An ‘on Country’ conference in Canberra, Australia

An ‘off Country’ conference held online

WDA 2024 will centre First Nations ways of knowing and being about not just wildlife health, but the interconnected social and natural world that wildlife health exists within. The parallel and intertwining conferences will

Our journey begins with a year of thought-provoking webinars introducing ideas including socio-ecological systems thinking, democratic professionalism, colonialism and science, First Nations understandings of Country, Indigenous research methodologies, and sharing knowledge through storytelling.


What is Country?

Welcome on the journey

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island nations and people have a profound and enduring relationship with Country and wildlife that stretches back over 60,000 years.

We acknowledge the First Nations of the Australian continent and recognise their traditional and continuing connection and custodianship with the Country on which this event takes place. We honour, respect and listen to First Nations Elders. We respect, listen to and celebrate First Nations stories and knowledges.

We acknowledge our responsibility to First Nations and strive to honour this in our collective work towards this special event – WDA 2024.